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The wings are made of glass fiber-reinforced epoxy. Due to the properties of the material, they are both strong and flexible. Thanks to its dual profile and aerodynamic design, it is 43% more efficient than other standard wings. The lift coefficient (CL) is 3.2. The lift force is in the direction of wing rotation. High pressure is located on the trailing edge plane, and the drag force (CD) is also in the direction of wing rotation. At extreme wind speeds, the pressure on the front and rear surfaces of the profile neutralizes the pressure in the middle channel. This minimizes the risk of wing breakage, thus extending the wing's lifespan. The wings start operating at wind speeds of 2 m/s and low RPM, reaching nominal power production at a speed of 16 m/s. Due to its aerodynamic structure and operation at low RPM, the noise level is significantly below standard limits.

The Yaw System: The tail-less wind turbine wings manufactured by Halbes Energy align with the wind direction, positioning the body (nacelle) perpendicular to the wind. This allows the wind turbine to always align with the wind direction without the need for a tail.


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