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renewable energy solutions

Design and manufacturing of innovative energy solutions

At the heart of Halbes’ offerings are its small to mid-sized wind turbines, which harness wind energy to provide a clean and sustainable source of electricity. Complementing these turbines are Halbes’ highly efficient photovoltaic systems that convert sunlight into electricity, offering reliable and eco-friendly power solutions. Together when used as hybrid systems, these technologies form a robust foundation for renewable energy production. The versatility of Halbes’ technologies allows them to be deployed across multiple sectors, enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability in a variety of applications.

hydrogen heating

Hydrogen based heating solutions

In addition to these core products, Halbes stands out with its innovative hydrogen-based water heating systems. Utilizing hydrogen as a clean energy source, these systems offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional water heating methods. Halbes also excels in the production of heat pumps, which provide efficient heating and cooling solutions, significantly lowering energy consumption and environmental impact.

renewable energy for homeowners

Energy systems for homeowners

In residential settings, Halbes’ wind turbines, solar panels, hydrogen based water heater and heat pumps provide comprehensive solutions for electricity and water heating, reducing utility costs and carbon footprints for homeowners.

renewable energy for industry

Green energy for industrial sector

Industrial complexes, such as factories, benefit from Halbes’ renewable energy systems by lowering operational costs and reducing dependency on non-renewable energy sources. These systems ensure a steady supply of electricity, supporting continuous industrial activities and contributing to a more sustainable industrial sector.

green energy for agriculture

Renewable energy for agriculture

In the agricultural sector, Halbes’ solutions play a crucial role in electricity generation, water irrigation, and sustainable greenhouse operations. By enhancing productivity and promoting environmentally friendly practices, these technologies help farmers achieve greater efficiency and sustainability.

renewable energy for military industrial complex

Military applications

For the military industrial complex, Halbes provides mobile energy systems and water irrigation solutions, ensuring reliable energy supply in remote locations and enhancing operational efficiency. These solutions are vital for maintaining energy independence and operational readiness in challenging environments.

green energy urban planning

Urban planning

City municipalities also benefit from Halbes’ renewable energy systems, which offer cost-effective and sustainable solutions for city and highway lighting. By reducing public expenditure and environmental impact, these technologies contribute to the development of greener and more sustainable urban infrastructure.

stand-alone security systems

Stand-alone security solutions

Security and CCTV systems powered by renewable energy are another innovative application of Halbes’ technologies. These systems ensure continuous surveillance and security monitoring without relying on traditional power sources, making them highly reliable and sustainable.

green energy for infrastructure

Infrastructure development 

Halbes’ renewable energy solutions are particularly effective for countries with less infrastructure for electricity production and heating. By providing decentralized and sustainable energy sources, Halbes helps these countries overcome infrastructural challenges and achieve greater energy independence and security.

green energy power plant

Additional energy for power plants

Halbes’ technologies can support existing power plants by providing additional energy production capacity and enhancing overall efficiency. This integration helps power plants operate more sustainably and meet increasing energy demands without compromising environmental standards.

We adapt to your business and your environment

We work with our customers to understand their business and environment in order to provide them with energy solutions that meet their specific needs.

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